Join our team

Interested in joining Open Web? Great! We're looking for highly motivated students with various backgrounds, but are primarily developers and designers. We expect all members to have programming experience, unless you're extremely motivated and will learn quickly (we're here to teach you!). The club is open for people with their own app ideas and also students who would like to join one of our existing projects - but not for people who just have an idea and want somebody else to build it for them.

Open Web puts a strong emphasis on community and team building. You’ll be working intimately with a small group of people that you can learn from, and who will push you to create quality work. We may become as good of friends as we are mentors to each other! Ultimately, we’re trying to build a team of the most motivated and talented students on campus to collaborate and create some amazing projects.

You can apply here. The application consists of two parts: an info/question form and a small project. The decision process is fairly simple: if we think that you’re a good fit for the team, we’ll take you. We don’t have a goal of getting a huge number of people to join Open Web. In fact, we want to grow slowly, which will allow us to focus on the quality of the apps we produce. If you have any questions, please email us at